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Gap Back Tail Pop Out

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Mike Freeland. Gap to back tail quick pop out. Detroit 2018. 

First time testing new flashes. (GODDOX AD360) Seem to freeze action pretty well powered down to about 1/8th. Have not had a chance to try them in HSS mode. 

Should of underexposed ambient a stop or so more sky is a bit harsh. Reflection on the dumpster is a bit distracting to could of raise my flash up a bit more? 

Critique is always welcome. Cam and Mike i see you guys lurking on here again lets here it. 

Please click to view full size for the best resolution. 


Freeland_gap backside tail_wayne state_2018_web.jpg

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still seems to be some blur, probably could have underexposed the ambient and cranked the power up to 1/4 or something probably would have been a bit better and enough to still freeze the motion. hes still a bit more centred than he could be if you just panned to the left a bit, and it would be better if he was weraing something bright, seems to get a bit lost. its good though

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