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VX audio on hd cams

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peep the knowledge. are y'all sick of that boomy mids, no highs, sounds like ya skating under water type of sound that comes from hd cams? I got you a fix. 

so boom 

step 1: aquire raw vx footage. no music just skating. some shit where you hear that audio and you relax your anus muscles because it sounds that good

step 2: import that vx audio into your favorite DAW such as Ableton, logic, pro tools, etc (I know all y'all make beats) 

step 3: import the raw skate audio from your own personal edit with no music

step 4: using a plug in called "ozone" (I think it needs to be version 6 or above) made by izotope record some sample audio from the vx clip. 

step 5: then record a sample of your HD booty sauce audio. 

step 6: use the eq matching feature in ozone and boom daddy you got yourself some crisp ass audio. 

step 7: adjust thresholds and dry/wets


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