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Living in Hong Kong

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So, I have been living in Hong Kong for almost a year now (going to be here for at least two more years).

The only camera I brought with me was my Hasselblad.

I don't have a scanner here, but I get my film developed and scanned for around 3$, which is ok.

Unfortunately, its low resolution and they don't keep the frames in the scans but fuck it.

Here's some shots:
(All 500cm & Portra 800/400)







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For 120 film I pay roughly 30/40 Hong Kong Dollars, so yeah, between 3 to 4 USD per roll.

I mean, for the price I think the results are ok and I can't really complain.

I just wished they offered a higher resolution option and also that they'd keep my negative's framing (I need to find myself other options, or I maybe I just get a scanner here anyways)

And thanks for the kind words you both :)



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