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VX1K with Raymod, Bescor, and 2 Batteries For Sale

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Hey guys, its been a long time since I've set foot in the old sp forum. I used to be a very active member in 2006-2010, but haven't been around recently. 

I've recently upgraded my kit to a Sony Alpha series mirrorless and am moving back overseas, so sadly I have to part my faithful VX1K. Its too big to take back with me since I only have 2 checked bags 23 kg each... 

Its been in a pelican case for a while, sealed up and protected. I took it out last night and filmed a few clips, captured, and all is good. I took excessively good care of my VX while an avid skate filmer. The heads never act up, it doesn't glitch, there are no warnings that come on when the camera is on, there are none of all the normal vx issues with this rig.

Kit comes with the VX1K, a well-made Raymod fisheye lens, O.G. Len hood, 2 batteries, a Bescor lamp, a pretty nice capture camera (Sony DCR-HC32 MiniDV Handycam) and wall and car chargers. Mic webbing is separated a bit on the bottom but neatly wrapped with tape, and there are no audio issues as a result. 

I only ate shit and rolled with the camera once or twice and I always cushioned the blow with my body so there aren't many dings or scratches on the body of the camera. 

Anyways I am hoping to get some cash before heading back overseas if anyone wants a mint vx1k with all those above mentioned accessories. Will trade for Sony Emount lenses but otherwise cash preferred. 





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