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Good camera for both photo & video

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Wassup people
Ive been filming and shooting for the past few years with a Canon t5i, even though it is a great camera to start with I want to step it up a notch especially since it is a bitch to film long lens with and I would like to have my photos have to have better quality. 

I am in quite a dilemma since I am starting to work as a photographer so I would like to upgrade my photo equipment but I also film a bunch of skating so I would also like to upgrade my video equipment especially for longlens stuff. I have 2 options basically one is sell my t5i and buy a better photo camera and also look for and HPX to film which is the more expensive of the 2 or to find a camera that can do both. I had been told that the sony mirrorless cameras are a great option that work great as both a photo and video camera. 

If any of you photo/video gods could help  me with suggestions on cameras or other options that would be greatly appreciated.

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