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Fish - Replace front element with Opteka instead Century

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First of all I haven't created a topic here for 10 years+ and it makes me happy to be back. Very useful website where I learned a lot when I just got into skateboarding and filming. Props.

Now to the topic. I was lucky to find on ebay a used Century 0HD-FEWA-46 Fisheye for 300eu mint. AND unlucky to get scratched the front element within 2 months! My question is could I replace the front element with one offered by Opteka which is cheaper? There are two choices. I am assuming the right one is not this: - http://opteka.com/replacementfrontelementfortheopteka58mm62mmand72mmtitaniumseries03xultrafisheyelenses.aspx

But could this be the right one: 

- http://opteka.com/replacementfrontelementfortheopteka37mmand43mmplatinumseries03xultrafisheyelens.aspx


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Damn, I didnt think you'd really ask. Its a $100 lens. This whole thing was filmed on a vx2100 and an opteka. Sometimes it looks decent but its very dependent on the light. The coating also isnt as good so if you think your century scratched easily this thing will put it to shame. Sun glare can be v ugly as well.



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