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VX1000 TLC

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Hey whatsup,


I've been a TRV900 filmer for a long while and love the camera and it's treated me really good. I've just bought a VX1000 MK1 and am psyched to get out there and film. My VX1000 is in a really decent condition, but while fiddling around with it on the first couple of times of using it I have managed to break the viewfinder ribbon. It's totally my fault mind, I looked into the problem and realised that you have to be super gentle with the viewfinder and people say don't push it too far upright. My bad. My TRV could handle that, but now I know.


Maybe I've just been lucky with my past cam, but it seems the Vx is a whole load more fragile! I'm stoked for this though, as it will feel all the better for fixing it and getting some sick footy. Like fixing up an old car or something...


I was just wondering if any experience users here could hit me up with the top do's and don'ts to try and look after this cam and keeping it running the best it can. Aside from the obvious 'don't capture from it', and now 'be gentle with the viewfinder' - I'm basically a newby. And being from London, I'm never going to experience (proper) freezing temperatures, which is another thing I have read is bad for the cam. Struggling to find a one-stop thread for this though so help me out my dudes.

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Best to use a £30 external monitor over the fragile ass viewfinders. Can actually see compared to them too.

Your tape drive may kick out, get a FireWire compact flash (datavideo dn60) or hard disk recorder (Sony made one, best to replace the original hard disk with an SSD or cf card tho) and that removes the need for tapes and wear on the heads.

The CCDS like to randomly burn out and fuck up the colours, when that happens the whole lens block will need replacing.

Tbh the vx2000/2100s are a safer bet as they're newer and blow the vx1k/dsr200ap/vx9000s out of the water. More reliable too.

Viewfinder fix is finnicky as hell but easyish.

But best to use an external monitor on the hotshoe afterwards as the things so fragile

Make sure you've got something holding the mic mount up as they sag like all hell unless they've been kept in a hard case.

Don't treat it like shit and it will reward you. They were never incredibly tough in the first place and everything is becoming harder and harder to replace



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