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VX9000/DSR200AP- viable vx alternative?

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Massive as fuck, shoulder mounted but has exactly the same lens and chips as the VX1k.

As far as I know it's a full size dv/dvcam beast, not mini dv.

I roll mine with an external recorder, stuff looks alright from it but not sure what settings to roll with my ancient version of Vegas on my capture laptop for export.

Gonna get a shitty cheap fisheye so it's not just for telephoto shots, but yea it can be picked up for way less than vx1ks can be.

Still has FireWire out, and the mic on its sickĀ 

Bit too big for normal use tho. Lighter but taller than an xl1/2.

About as painful but more rewarding than using the blackmagic ursa mini for this lol


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I almost bought one for cheap before i realized it was DV instead of MiniDV and the tapes are hard to get hold of. would be a pretty gangster long lens setup. what external recorder are you using it with?

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