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Wooden Camera VX Mic vs VX1000

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Some side by side footage of Keiran Zimmerman with Wooden Camera's new VX Mic on a GH5/Canon 8-15mm setup and a classic VX1000/MK1.

GH5 had internal audio on manual at -12db, VX1000 audio on auto. VX in left hand, GH5 in right. Audio is straight from the camera, it hasn't been edited at all.

In my opinion it's definitely the best mic option for skate audio available. It's obviously not 100% identical, but the pop/land/grind sounds seem veeeery close.

I might try to do this again at some point with a Rode VideoMic as well, but its annoying enough filming with two cameras at once let alone adding in a third. If anyone has any other suggestions for tests let me know and I'll see what I can do.

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Super awesome :) 
It's really nice to see that good people like yourself take the time and effort to make these vids ❤️

Vx sounded better but I really do like the softness and clean vibes of the WC Vx mic in comparison to other mic options for dslr. 
I'll have to check them out, honestly never heard of them before.

Thanks for posting :) 
Filming is super clean and that dude freakin shreds. Cheers!!

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