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XTREME VIG Overlay for any HD Camera

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If you're sick of submitted clips looking out of place in your videos or you just want to spice up your soft or vig-less DSLR footage, I made an overlay based on existing HPX170/Century Xtreme fisheye footage. Don't just slap a black circle and call it a day, try this and let me know what you think. I don't film HD anymore for skating (even though I do own an A7Rii and 8-15mm) but I thought this would be helpful.

You can fully edit the .PSD file to add more or less of the vignetting in the footage. I've made it so there's slightly more in the top left corner but that's just my preference. Also feel free to darken, blur, desaturate or even saturate the vignetting to match your footage (there are some subtle blues and oranges). The file is 4K ready but I've provided 1080p and 720p .PNG files as well.


As for application, here's how you do it. Will work in any NLE.

You'll want to put two copies of the fisheye footage, one above the other.

On the bottom layer, you'll change the Blending Mode to Darken.

On the top layer, you'll want to uncheck the stopwatch (keyframe) and change the Opacity to 75% (or experiment).

Make sure if you are using a lens with vignetting to play with the zoom in post. I had to use 103% Scale for my clip.

You can very well just use one layer and no do any blend modes or opacity and call it a day, but I think this is the closest look you are going to get to the light of the clip affecting the colour of the vignetting as it does in the real deal. If you look at the tree in the top left in the last clip, you'll notice it looks different when moving past it. Might just be fast enough in an edit to get tricked. If you want to complete the look make sure to colour correct the footage to match the Panasonic footage in your timeline and add some bass to the audio.

Here's a quick park clip from 2015 as an example. Have fun!

If a VX1000/MK1 overlay would be interesting for HD 4:3 clips, let me know and I can give it a shot.

*I used user @doyle aka Alex Doyle's footage for reference when making this.

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Damn looks really solid. Almost like super good. Just needs a tad blur to it like Phin said. Then it will look super good.


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