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Bent cassette compartment - VX2100

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Hi guys.

Wondering if someone tried to do this. Recently i’ve received a VX21 in fairly working condition with one minor issue.

The cassette compartment (part shown in picture below) appears to be slightly bent and it does not „pop-out” when mechanism ejects the tape. Every single time you need to gently pull that part to eject or insert the tape, where inserting needs a little push from above on the tape as well.


I’ve had another tape deck from VX21 which had faulty drums and badly adjusted tape path but working compartment. This part isn’t connected to the deck with screws but more like pins.

Did someone of you tried to replace that thing or it is almost immpossible and i’m risking another damage to it?


If someone would reply i’ve would be very grateful!


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It's not too difficult but I'outta here shortly. Briefly...remove the side case. Remove the head cleaner frame (white nylon), remove the Damper Assembly (black, left side, number 716 on the page you show),. Then push the cassette holder down as though you were going to close it. You'll see a section of the rail on each side that opens up so you can push the front arms of the cassette holder through. Once cleared rotate it backwards and pop the rear legs out. Go slow and it'll all make sense as you do it. And yes, you can mess things up but you probably won't. I'll be back Monday at 7 eastern if you need me. 

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