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3CCD costet thousands of money.

Would never take your advice.


Spending over 1000 dollars on your first camera is not a lot. It may seem counter-intuitive, but if you are serious about filming, you'll end up saving money in the long term.

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Well, I said 3ccd cameras costet lots of money back then.

For example the VX1000 in my country, the price was about 4500 Gilders, which is about €2000 or $2600.

The value of the cameras has decreased a lot, so now they're actually a lot more affordable. Years ago I would never buy a 3ccd cam, just because it was too expensive.


But you're right too, if you're serious about filming and you buy the perfect setup you want at the start, then you start off good and you will use it for a long period.

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I edited the original comment because I found what I was looking for, a Sony DCR-SX45.

Now I'd like to get wide angle lenses for it, I did a quick youtube search and found this video.



at 3:17 you can see lenses does he use. In the description it says

Opteka .45x, but I did a quick search of them and what he is using looks more like the flat and narrow lenses people use on their VX1K and such, if you know what I mean.


I know it's a cheap camera, but it's all I can get. What lenses do you think would work great with that camera?

(I'd film in 4:3 most of the time).

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Im looking for an HD setup all under 700$. I was looking into the Sony HDR HC1 but i can no longer find it. Right now I have a Canon HF M301 and a Hercules .3x fisheye, i just really want to upgrade to something nicer and more advanced. Any good HD setups or places to find an HDR HC1 setup?

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