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Perception Rules And Posting Tips

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No one likes rules, and we dont like enforcing them, but to ensure the future of the board and make the whole board attractive to as many people as possible, there are a few simple rules we expect you to follow.



1. Before you ask any questions, you go look at the main site. http://www.skateperception.com has many of the answers you are looking for.


2. Admins and Moderators control their sections as they see fit. Arguing over decisions will not get a decision overturned, it will however get you suspended for a couple of days. Admins and moderators do alot to keep your boards clean so give them a break.


3. Do a Search before asking anything. Some members get annoyed when a question that has been answered a hundred times comes up again. If in doubt, post in the Ask Anything section where any questions will be answered with joy.


4. Adult content is a no no and all threads etc which are deemed to be adult in nature by a Mod/Admin will be deleted. Any discussion of illegal activity will also will be deleted and will be terms for disciplinary action. This includes, but is not limited to discussion of drug related content, illegal software and piracy, violent threats of any nature, etc.


Babe threads are permitted, but full frontal nudity is where it stops.


Also avatars; if an Admin or Mod presumes an avatar is of bad nature a PM will be sent to the member asking to change the avatar. If not changed the avatar will be removed, and if put back up, the members ability to post an avatar will be removed.


5. Do not dig up old threads. If you want to continue a discussion from an old thread (older than 1 month), create a new thread and reference the old one in your opening post if you feel it is needed. There is a very high turnover rate in membership, and people may not always remember old conversations.


6. Posting in the correct forum saves the Admins/Mods a lot of time. If you don't know what should go where, read some posts in each forum to see where each post should go.


7. Flaming and random insulting is not allowed in any section of the board. Political and religious topics usually lead to flame wars, therefore you are advised to try to stay clear of these discussions, or at least enter them with a level head and understanding that not everyone shares the same political or religious view. Typicaly worthless threads such as hate threads or threads that have no apparent meaning to a monitoring admin/mod will be deleted/closed at there will.


8. Links to other sites are allowed as long as they do not contravene Rules 1, 3, 4, or 5 if in doubt DO NOT POST IT.


9. Admin/mods decisions are final. Polls and topics regarding admin/mod decisions will be deleted.


10. Avatar limitations (in pixels)

Max height: 70

Max width: 70

Max size: 50kb (in kilobytes)

and ofcourse no porn, racism, adult language, bad natured content etc etc in the avatar


11. Signature limitations (in pixels)

Max height: 4-6 lines

Max width: None

and of course no porn, racism, adult language, talk of illegal activity (drug use, etc etc) in the sig.

If you have a high quality small button to advertise your site please PM TuneBomb to get an accord to put it in your signature. Otherwise pics in signatures are forbidden.


12. At the top of each forum index you might see some Guidelines.

Take care to read them properly as they are important for the good will of the boards.


13. Please don't ask to become a moderator, it reduces your actual chance of becoming one. If we need a moderator, we will come to you, and not the other way round.


14. You can only bump a topic once every 24 hours and only in sections where it has a use, anotherwords everywhere except for Anything Goes and Skateboarding.


15. If you are caught with having more than one account per ip address than your ip address will be banned forever. no exceptions


17. Bans


Usually this is how things will go depending on how bad whatever you did was :

1st Offense: Warning (PM)

2nd Offense: 1-3 day post rights ban

3rd Offense: Suspension of account for 4 days.

4th Offense: 14 day ban


Anything after that will result in an instant ban.


If in doubt about anything, ask for advice - we dont bite :-)




Moving on too some Tips that will make your stay at Perception a happier one


Be prepared to take criticism, especially in the Promo section. If you post something of low quality filming/editing/skating people are just waiting there to pounce on you. Take care to put some effort into your work before posting.


Knowledge : if you don't have enough of the subject dont try and answer a question, you might be wrong and it could have bad consequences, just let someone who knows whats what to answer.


Posting properly makes your question/post look classy, and helps its comprehension. Funnily enough, on a forum, the way your posts are constructed will make you come off as a 20 year old knowledgeable filmer or a 13 year old random. Start off with a Hi, and explain your problem/question with proper ENGLISH and properly CONSTRUCTED sentences. Use capitals and full stops, make the thing nice to read. When youve got a problem, remember we need EVERY detail to be able to reply to it, as in camera, lens, program, etc. whatever you know, we need to know about it. You should know that we cant help you with warez or installing pirated versions of software as they are often defects. Please when your question has been answered, say a little thank you.</span>




Some interesting links for good forum posts :)


--Just take "steam forum" and substitute in "skate perception"




--How to ask a Question



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